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Chiffon cake: dense texture easy to learn for beginners

Chiffon cake: dense texture easy to learn for beginners

Chiffon cake, the texture is light and soft, fluffy tissue, high water wind content, light and unctuous flavor, moist and tender taste, belonging to the sponge cake type, is one of the most popular cakes. It is also a more common basic cake in recent years, we often eat birthday cake, cream cake are used chiffon cake embryo.

Material Preparation

5 eggs, 45g corn oil, 52g milk, 84g cake flour 65g sugar, 4g white vinegar, 0.5g salt, 3g lemon juice, about 490g batter


separate the egg white and egg yolks in advance, freeze the egg white for 15 minutes, add corn oil and milk into the egg yolks and stir until emulsified. Then add sifted low gluten flour, mix well into the egg yolk paste standby. Preheat the oven at 130 degrees for 10 minutes.



egg white in two add sugar and then use a whisk or chef's machine throughout the bottom of the number of whipped egg white, whipped to a small tip.

meringue and egg yolk paste in three parts, cut and mix, tossing techniques to mix well. Then pour into the mold, shock a few times, to discharge bubbles!

 oven 125 degrees bake 30 minutes to 145 degrees bake 30 minutes, temperature and time is for reference only, according to their own oven temperature to adjust, bake, remove the cake shock a few times, and then inverted in the drying rack, and then take off the mold when the cake is completely cool.


This cake is not only easy to cook, the taste is also very soft and delicate, for the novice to learn the cake is a very good choice, and homemade chiffon cake is a necessary course for the introduction of baking, the successful chiffon cake internal organization is delicate, soft taste, not shrinkage, not collapse. Read so much is not also learned the essence of chiffon cake, then come together to unlock the secret of success!