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Fresh Milk Cherub Bread: For a more seductive richness and sweetness

Fresh Milk Cherub Bread, listening to the name we can feel that this is a fresh and delicious dessert, icy and slightly sweet filling, with fluffy bread, too suitable for the hot summer eating, well, today we will explain to you how to make this Fresh Milk Cherub Bread, follow this post together to learn it!
I. Material Preparation
1, pastry batter part: 45 grams of water, 19 grams of butter,
2, 25 grams of low-gluten flour, egg 45 grams, 2 grams of sugar, salt 1 gram
3, filling part of the light cream 150 grams, sugar 12 grams
4, the main part of the bread 450 grams of fermented dough
1、Make puff pastry batter:
Pour butter, water, sugar and salt all into a saucepan and heat to melt, then turn to medium heat and boil, pour in low gluten flour, use a spatula to mix the low gluten flour and liquid, mix well and then heat again, fry until the bottom of the pan has a layer of batter can be removed from the heat, remove from the heat, put the fried noodles into a bowl, cool to hand temperature



2: Add the egg mixture in batches, from the top to the bottom of the length of about 3~4 cm, the correct state of the batter is to lift the spatula last batter on the spatula in an inverted triangle. Put the puff pastry batter into a laminating bag, cut a small opening, use a spatula to push the batter to the front, set aside.

Tip: Puff pastry batter can be made while the dough is fermenting.

2、Make the main part of the bread
Pat the fermented dough with the palm of your hand to exhaust, remember not to knead the dough to exhaust, gently pat it down a few times to use it
3、Making and assembling the sandwich filling part:
1, light cream with granulated sugar with an electric whisk whipped until stiff, with a spatula to push open a very fine cream, laminating bag into a laminating nozzle, cut a mouth to expose the laminating nozzle, pour the cream into the laminating bag, with a spatula to push to the front, the filling part is ready.


2: Cut the bread into the center with a serrated knife, but don't cut off the bottom. Squeeze in the whipped cream and use an 18-toothed nozzle to squeeze out a flower pattern, or you can squeeze out your favorite pattern.


3, sieve, sprinkle a thin layer of powdered sugar on the surface can be. Super fluffy milk sherbet bread is finished.
Third, notes
1, the amount of water in the bread is between 60% and 70% of the flour
2, the bread is usually fermented twice
3、If you use egg wash, you need to deodorize the egg wash.
Fresh milk sherbet bread taste fresh sweet and soft, after eating let people forget, know so much is not a delicious delicious fresh milk sherbet bread not only need to prepare good quality materials but also need to be careful production methods and steps, through the introduction of this article, I believe that you also have a certain understanding of the production of fresh milk sherbet bread, like to do the bread partners hurry up and follow the video to do it up!