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Garlic Cheese Bread: savory and delicious without being greasy!

Good to lick your fingers, giant giant garlic cheese bread, don't reject it because you don't like to eat garlic, because the garlic cheese bread in the baking process gives off the flavor, even people who don't eat garlic can't resist, and fragrant and soft delicious to stop, then you will follow me to learn how to make an unbeatable delicious garlic cheese bread, won't be able to watch a few more times Oh!
I. Material Preparation
Bread part: yeast 5g, warm water 15g, high gluten flour 500g sugar 50g, salt 5g, honey 15g, egg 75g, milk 235g, butter 50g
Cream cheese 200g, sugar 50g, light cream 160g.
Brush: butter 85g, sugar 25g, salt 2g, light cream 40g, garlic 16g, parsley 4g, salad dressing 25g
1, yeast and warm water stir, add high gluten flour, sugar and salt, add honey, eggs and milk kneaded dough
2, add softened butter and continue to knead, knead until you can pull out the glove film, plastic wrap covering the oven at 28 degrees fermented until double in size
3, transfer the dough to a non-stick mat, press the exhaust, divided into 10 round, the second fermentation in the oven at 32 degrees, fermentation to 1.5 times the size of the oven out of the oven, preheat the oven at 180 degrees bake for 20 minutes!
4, cream cheese with sugar, whipped until smooth, take another pot to add light cream, whipped until visible lines, mixed well, put into a piping bag and standby!
5, butter microwave heating into liquid, add sugar and light cream, add garlic parsley salsa, mix well
6、Cut the bread into three cuts, squeeze the cheese into the filling, brush with garlic parsley sauce.



7, preheated oven 160 degrees baked 15 minutes is done!

1, each brand of flour absorbency is not the same, set aside 20g of milk in advance, according to the state of the dough to decide whether to add!
2, each oven temperature is different, according to their own oven temperature to make adjustments!
In addition to the garlic flavor of this red garlic cheese bread, there is cream and rich cheese in this bread filling Oh! If you love garlic and cheese, this is definitely your favorite! Follow this article to try to make it at home!