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Strawberry cupcakes: a sweet and sour compact dessert

Strawberry cake is a young product in the cake world, loved by consumers for its refreshing taste and brightly colored appearance. This young product can be traced back to the 18th century when the Dutch cultivated strawberries, the 17th century when they began whipping whipped cream, and the 16th century when the Portuguese brought sponge cake to Japan. It can be said that strawberry cake is one of the typical masterpieces of the combination of Eastern and Western desserts. Today we will learn how to make a nice and delicious strawberry cupcake!
I. Material Preparation
Several round cake molds, 8 washed and prepared strawberries, 180g light cream, 12g granulated sugar, 55g milk
1, light cream and sugar whipped until the state of the grain
2, put the cream into a piping bag
3, a part of the strawberry slice spare, a part of the cut into small pieces spare

4, the cake embryo on the roll a plastic film, the strawberry slices one by one to the film to paste a circle, and then in the middle of the squeeze full of cream
5、Pour in the cut strawberry pieces in the cream with a fork to spread flat
6、Squeeze the strawberries one by one in the circle of the cream, squeeze a layer full of it.
7, put a cake embryo, and then squeeze the cream to fill a layer.

8, put two strawberry garnish can be
Tips: whipped cream container, you can put a few minutes in the refrigerator in advance Oh!
Strawberry cake has always been loved by the majority of dessert friends, because it is not only the outside of the bright and shiny, and the taste is incredibly delicious and wonderful, sweet and sour, every bite is infinitely satisfying, eat it must not have trouble, watch this video everyone moved, the heart is not as good as the action, follow the video together to do it!