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Woodruff cups: savory and sweet for all ages!

Woodruff cups: savory and sweet for all ages
Woodruff Cup is a frozen dessert that melts in your mouth without being too sweet. Wooden chaff cake is one of Macau's special desserts, and Portuguese egg tarts, it is said that the former Governor of Macau is also very fond of this dessert, because the cookie crumbs are shaped like wood chaff, so it is named. The perfect combination of cookie crumbs and light cream, frozen and eaten directly tastes a little similar to ice cream, after the temperature rises after melting some like mousse, let a person taste a lot of memories.
I. Material Preparation
Cookie crumbs 160g, 230g of light cream, granulated sugar 18g, 35g of condensed milk, 18g of chocolate powder, 6 wood chaff cup cups
Two. Step by step instructions
1, cookie crumbs poured into the wall-breaker broken into powder and then sieve the broken cookies a few times to the bowl

2, the light cream whipped to eight or nine points, put into a piping bag scoop a spoonful of crushed cookies into a cup and then flatten with a spoon
3, then squeeze a layer of cream on top and then spread a layer of crushed cookies and so on four times

4, the different styles of molds to the mouth of the cup, sprinkled with chocolate powder, you will get a different good-looking shape, so a delicious and good-looking woodruff cup is finished!

1, spread the cookie crumbles with a spoon to flatten the product will look better
2, cookie powder do not spread too thick to eat when it will be very paste mouth
3, done after a few hours of refrigeration before eating, so that the cookies absorb the moisture of the cream, it will become more delicious!
Four, summarize
Authentic woodruff cups are made with whipped light cream to make a dessert with a sweet and delicate flavor. Whether it is cookie crumbs or cream, single out is a delicious, and they do a simple stacking can get a light not greasy, dense texture of a dessert!