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Various shapes of chocolate: desserts in different shapes and styles

Various shapes of chocolate: desserts in different shapes and styles

Chocolate has a long history. More than 1,300 years ago, the Yoktan Mayan Indians used roasted cacao beans to make a drink called chocolate. However, because the fried cacao beans contain more than 50% fat, drink more greasy. So, people added flour and other starchy substances to the chocolate made the prototype of chocolate, with the deepening of human civilization technology, today's chocolate has a thousand different shapes, today we will learn how to do a variety of shapes of chocolate it!


50g cocoa butter chocolate, 50g cocoa liquor, 7g butter, 25g condensed milk, 10-20g powdered sugar.


1: Put the chocolate into an iron bowl and melt it into chocolate liquid over hot water, melt the butter over water as well, then stir a few times, pour the butter into the chocolate liquid and stir until well blended.

2: Melt the liquid into the laminating bag, squeeze into the favorite mold, refrigerate for 30 minutes to solidify the chocolate removed from the mold, packaging and refrigerated storage


3: the solidification of the chocolate out of the mold, delicious chocolate production is complete, put in the refrigerator, want to eat at any time you can take out a piece, gorgeous, sweet honey.


Now there are a variety of brands of chocolate on the market, each kind of chocolate to bring us the taste and feel different, but if it is made by our hands that the significance of the chocolate will be different, not only can be given to family and friends or partners can also be slowly savored as a daily snack is a good choice Oh, so partners follow the video together to learn it!