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Nutty Chocolate Crisp: Crispy and Delicious!

Nutty Chocolate Crisp: Crispy and Delicious!
Nut Chocolate Crisp, is also a private pop single product, super easy to learn, the most attractive that is of course the cocoa flavor, eat into the mouth plus the flavor of the nuts, and crunchy and delicious, eaten are full of praise, can not stop, the next follow me to follow me to learn how to make this delicious Nut Chocolate Crisp it!
First, the preparation of materials
Nut part: dark chocolate 12g, butter 18g, corn syrup 30g, nuts 180g

Batter part: sugar 150g, 120g egg whites, 60g egg white, 30g light cream, salt 2g, 110g low gluten flour, cocoa powder 15g liquid butter 100g
1, prepare nuts
2, sugar + low gluten flour + cocoa powder mix well
3, protein + whole egg + salt + light cream, stir well

4, sieve the powder into step 3, mix well
5、Heat 100g butter into liquid, add it into step 4 in three times, stir well and add again, add until finished
6, add the ingredients in step 2 on low heat, turn off the heat, the nuts tossed evenly
7, laminating bag filled with cocoa batter, cut a small opening, one by one into the baking dish extrusion

8: Use chopsticks to clip the nuts into the plate and arrange them neatly

9, put into the oven to bake, so it is finished!

1, if the batter is too thin, the room temperature is too high, you can refrigerate it to thicken before squeezing!
2, be sure to choose a non-stick baking pan, oh, easy to cool off the mold!
Fragrant and crunchy nuts and chocolate crunch is very suitable as a small snack to catch up with the drama, can also be used as afternoon tea, at home when the craving to eat this is also quite satisfied, of course, festivals can also be done up to send friends to send their loved ones, both tasty and full of heart, everyone will praise, novice-friendly!