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Mango Strawberry Cream Cake: Value and Deliciousness at the Same Time

Mango Strawberry Cream Cake: value and flavor at the same time
Mango Strawberry Cream Cake is a dessert with a rich history and culture, which is based on fresh and tart strawberries and fresh sweet mango and cream, and is carefully prepared to become a delicious and mesmerizing dessert. In this article, we will introduce you how to make a delicious and savory mango strawberry cake, and take you to enjoy the fun and beauty of it.
I. Material Preparation
1, fruit
Prepare one or two mango peeled and cut into pieces, 6 to 8 strawberries cut in half into a plate ready (like fruit can be put a little more)

2, cream
Light cream 100g, sugar 7g, method: light cream add sugar
Electric whisk whipped to the obvious lines can be

3、3 pieces of round cake embryo
1、Put the cream into a piping bag
2, and then the cream with a tool to smear to the cake embryo with a laminating bag to mark out the status quo and then put some mango in it with cream smooth

3, put another piece of cake embryo smeared with a layer of buttercream and then use a laminating bag to frame a circle and then put some mango smoothed buttercream repeat this step three times
4、Finally use the cream to frame 6 flowers on the top of the cake and then put 6 strawberries on the top, and finally sprinkle the frosting on the cake and it's done!