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Cookies: Crispy and Delicious Western Desserts

Cookie, from the English Cookie, is a Cantonese transliteration imported from Hong Kong, Cookies in the United States and Canada is interpreted as a small and flat egg-style cookie, while the English Cookie is from the German koekie, meaning "small cake". According to research, cookies were invented by the Iranians, and the first cookies ever made were a combination of several small slices of cake. Today we will learn how to make cookies!
I. Preparation of materials
Butter 60g, sugar 25g, light cream 50g, low gluten flour 90g
Second, step by step instructions
1, take out the butter in advance to soften to the finger can easily press down, add sugar first mix until absorbed, and then beat until white volume becomes fluffy!

2, add room temperature light cream in 3 times and beat until completely absorbed.
3, pour into the low-gluten flour, use a spatula to mix evenly into a laminating bag.
4, squeezed into a paved baking tray with greaseproof paper, squeezed when the preheated oven 165 degrees, 165 degrees baked for 20 minutes, creamy cookies on the completion of it!

1, light cream to use room temperature, can be taken out in advance to heat up a little bit
2, each time you add light cream with a whisk until completely absorbed and then add the next time, the edge of the place where you can't hit take a spatula and scrape to the middle to hit!
3, the batter is divided into two mounting machine laminating bag, to avoid too much bad squeeze!
Afternoon tea with a cup of coffee, eating delicious cookies, the rich flavor and the texture of the melt-in-your-mouth, every time you eat a feeling of unfulfilled, is undoubtedly the best match, well! Everyone has seen here, is not a different understanding of cookies? Then do it together to learn it!